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Charles Johnson, self-proclaimed gate-keeper of internet free speech, has banned Sammy at Yid With Lid from LGF. (h/t AmericanPower) Guilty by association.

Go Sammy! Just to ease the pain, I’m adding him to my blogroll so his traffic won’t suffer. He should have been there anyway, I read him so much. (My apologies, Sammy, for being awol from my blogroll and that your traffic might increase by 3 hits, maybe. As Stacy says, “Hitz iz hitz.”)

Useful Idiots, et al.

Before the Tuesday Useful Idiot Rant begins, time for a quick commercial. Be sure to head over to The Other McCain today, where yours truly is the featured blogger of the day. I want to thank the Academy, oh wait, that’s a different speech.

Today’s Useful Idiot isn’t a single person; it’s a gaggle of goose-stepping morons known as the “Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee” of which Senator Edward Kennedy is the chair. Because of his own ill health, he’s bequeathed the rudder of this hapless excuse of a ship to… (wait for it)… Senator Chris Dodd. Yep-pers. This group is responsible for drafting the legislation that Donald Douglas affectionately calls the Democratic Healthcare Takeover. Or Obamacare, for short.

For a really gut-wrenching look at the future under Obamacare, read Keith Hennessey’s excellent analysis. This legislation must absolutely be stopped! Obama has already robbed our Treasury, killed thousands of jobs and businesses, weakened our national security, meddled in markets and bankruptcies and trials, thumbed his nose at American ingenuity and lied about everything else in between to a sycophant media. Are you sick of him yet?

Now before you jump on me, let me say this, “I know the system isn’t perfect.” There are LOTS of health issues at our house. HBP, diabetes, epilepsy. Not the usual stuff you’d run down to the corner drugstore quickie clinic for. Between myself, my husband, my daughter and a sports-minded son who insists on making the orthopedist’s car note, we CONSUME a goodly bit of health services. We certainly don’t like our current insurance coverage, or the hoops that accompany some treatments, but we are certainly grateful for it. Sure, there are things we would like to change. But that’s OUR choice, not some moronic administrative Obamabot behind his government issue desk with his government issue list of allowable treatments and unsustainable wait times before said treatment can be considered before oops, sorry, you’re dead. The thought of how this would cripple not only us, but America is mind-boggling. Just check out Michelle Malkin’s WWII style poster contest – it will sent shivers down your spine!

Obama is using the same techniques used in his “grass-roots” campaign effort to get the word out in support of this abomination. Be prepared for your doorbell to ring, but this time it’s not JWs or kids selling the paper. They could care less about you, or yours, or your particular situation. It’s all about the Messiah and keeping the Dems in power, forever. The inept fist strangling our economy will next be strangling our ability to live a a healthy and long life.

Some people are beginning to wake up. Baby steps, but steps nonetheless. Obama is intent on dismantling this country one freedom at a time and that scares more than a few of us. But can this train wreck be stopped? I’m sure gonna try – how about you?

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