Quote of the Day

(h/t Fausta) Jules Crittenden on those (too little, too late) rescinded picnic invites to the Iranian murderers:

I’m trying to keep the criticism on a constructive level, but I’m rapidly losing confidence in this administration’s ability to manage even something as simple as a Fourth of July picnic without turning it into an international embarrassment.

Very Sad News

The Atlanta Tea Party, scheduled for July 4th at Gwinnett Place Mall, has been canceled.


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UPDATE: The plot thickens. Bob Owens reports that Andrea Shea King first noticed a strange surge in her traffic from one source – SIMON.com just days before the Tea Party was cancelled. Yes, the very same Simon as in Simon Property Group, the owners of Gwinnett Place Mall. Read on…

At the time, I was unsure of what all the traffic from Simon.com could have meant — the kind of digital body language you can garner from a few pages of Sitemeter stats is only so deep. I suggested to Andrea that perhaps they were simply prospective advertisers checking her site for content before submitting an ad.

I greatly miscalculated.

It seems that the interest of those from Simon.com — Simon Property Group — was far more prurient and political in nature. The July 4 Atlanta tea party protest was just shut down because of pressure from a Simon property, Gwinnett Place Mall, according to this article in the American Thinker.

The article also reveals that Melvin and Bren Simon have donated significant amounts of money to Democratic candidates and Democratic organizations.

It seems only logical to conclude that the Simons aren’t above using their company’s monetary clout to stifle the opposing political speech of thousands of Georgians who aren’t enthralled with the tax-and-spend policies of our present administration.

Apparently, they don’t like the messages we send.

Demo-corrupti-crats pushing people around? Sounds like more HopeNChange thugery to me…

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