Palin Resigns


Many, many round-ups (I was off at the movies, getting my Depp fix); all are good. Elizabeth has rounded them all up into one big bag.

I don’t know what to think. She deserves our respect and gratitude. Her family deserves some well-deserved rest and PRIVACY.

One source said her brother said since she’d returned to Alaska after the campaign, she’s spent 80% of her time defending herself and had amassed $500K in personal debt doing the same, not to mention that Alaska had spent $2 million defending her.

Watch the media feeding frenzy begin and the lib-heads spin/explode on the Sunday talk shows. They will crow “We’ve won! We’ve won!”. But just wait and watch…

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“Not every politician is willing to put personal ambition ahead of everything. It’s laudable if, as is most likely, she just decided that her family and life were more important than serving an ungrateful public and exposing her family to a nasty, classless press.

But, for better or worse, that is what the job of president (or governor, or vice president) entails, and if she’s just not willing to put up with this crap anymore — well, that is completely understandable, but it also is a decision that would seem to disqualify her from office, at least in the near term.”

God Save America

Hoping you and yours have a safe and patriotic holiday as we celebrate what Washington DC has forgotten. (And yes, I know it’s an orchestra, not a band – don’t get all sacrilegious on me – but I listened to twenty of these and this one had the best pic solo. Get over it.)

For a little laugh and Heaven knows we need one after the last couple of weeks, here’s another version (my inner band geek was quick to pick up that Beaker was singing the horn part!)

Quotes of the Day

Commenter Robert Belvedere on Cold Fury’s “They just can’t quit her” post (h/t GreenRoom:

I’m becoming convinced that Sarah Palin is the conservative’s Frodo—an ordinary person of the type who, when tasked with a thankless and dangerous mission, will inevitably rise to the occasion.

Smitty on Krauthammer, Palin and the Evil Queen who can’t stop looking in her mirror [editted for PG]:

But it doesn’t take a prophet to realize that, if BHO is A[S]U in 2012, HRC will come back with the fury of a cancer that’s been in remission for a few years.

Troglopundit on the symptoms of Climatechangitis:

Maybe he finally read his own bill? – Rep. Waxman hospitalized after feeling ill

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