Honest Scrap – Here Goes


Lance-o-The-Troglio tagged me with this thing and I’ll play along, since I’m just tired of all the news today and I want some attention.

Here’s the rules: 1. Thank the person who “nominated” you and link back. 2. “Nominate” seven more bloggers to spread the happiness. 3. Tell ten honest things about yourself.

So first, many thanks to Lance for thinkin’ of little ol’ me.

Second, I’m going to keep my nominations in the Scrappy-Girls-Only-Clubhouse here:
Laurie Kendrick
Dr. Melissa Clouthier
Crystal Clear Conservative (**couldn’t locate her email – hope she catches the link!)
Katie Favazza
and no meme would be complete without linking my blog-mom … The Anchoress.

Third, ten honest things about me:
1. I play the cello, badly.
2. I have a dog who is adorable, but I’m not sure how old he is.
3. I pray every day.
4. I want to write a book.
5. I work for my alma mater’s arch nemesis.
6. I like beads, beads, lots of beads.
7. Wool makes me itch.
8. I get freckles in the summertime.
9. I’m NOT addicted to the computer; I can quit whenever I want. Really.
10. No, I don’t have a perm.


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