Sunday Miscellanea

Tyranny comes in all shapes and sizes. And all the tyrants ride in limos (really, go check for yourself).

Health care reform – explained by Legos.

Doctor Zero 1, Peggy Noonan 0. Stacy and Donald both provide commentary.

Now this is a good idea. I especially like the part where Susan Sarandon is stripped of her Oscar.

“Little Brother.”
(h/t The 912 Project) And people think I’m paranoid…

Obama more Catholic than the Pope. Yeah, the MSM lapdogs actually wrote that….

When Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. Being the mother of a male teenager, I can relate to most of what Ace had to say, even if most of it is NSFW. You can insert the usual unsuitable for POTUS remark in the comments.

Michelle (Malkin, not the Mrs. Ogler-in-Chief) gives the benefit of doubt, but then has even scarier pictures.

Keith Hennessey responds to Obama’s latest self-adulation op-ed.

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