POTUS Throws Like a Girl

Ok, that’s it. It’s over.

I purposely didn’t watch the All-Star tonight because I’d heard he was muscling his way into the announcer’s booth. Ever the narcissist, he can’t stand for the all the cameras to be pointed to him all the day. But loving baseball, I couldn’t resist just a little peek – boy was I sorry.

No wonder the Russians wouldn’t shake his hand – they can smell a sissy a mile away.

More discussion at Memeorandum.

About That Transparency…


While the distractions abound, IG-Gate still chugs along.

Sensitive political considerations are involved, given the potential fallout from investigations into whether the Obama administration — which promised to be the most “transparent” in history — is trying to muzzle the independent watchdogs tasked with preventing waste, fraud and abuse in federal agencies.

Sensitive, as in bi-partisan. Got that? There is interest on both side of the aisle and the support is growing. The great back-lash of 2010 is picking up a little steam. Too bad the MSM doesn’t notice.

But Stacy continues to do the old-fashioned reporter work (more here) – talking to people in the know, asking hard questions, gathering facts. The kind of stuff “investigative journalists” do – not just reprint Democratic operative talking points.

He’s working way harder than our loopy POTUS is – wearing out his shoes in DC. So hit the man’s tip jar, why don’t ya?!

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