About That Transparency…


While the distractions abound, IG-Gate still chugs along.

Sensitive political considerations are involved, given the potential fallout from investigations into whether the Obama administration — which promised to be the most “transparent” in history — is trying to muzzle the independent watchdogs tasked with preventing waste, fraud and abuse in federal agencies.

Sensitive, as in bi-partisan. Got that? There is interest on both side of the aisle and the support is growing. The great back-lash of 2010 is picking up a little steam. Too bad the MSM doesn’t notice.

But Stacy continues to do the old-fashioned reporter work (more here) – talking to people in the know, asking hard questions, gathering facts. The kind of stuff “investigative journalists” do – not just reprint Democratic operative talking points.

He’s working way harder than our loopy POTUS is – wearing out his shoes in DC. So hit the man’s tip jar, why don’t ya?!

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