Rule 5 Premiere

Out of pocket all day tomorrow on a long round-trip road-trip delivering the Wee Highlander to what will be hopefully a fruitful recruiting experience. That aside, I’m finally going to take the plunge on Stacy’s Rule 5. Of all of Stacy’s rules and advice, Rule 5 seems to be wildly popular and supposedly generates the most traffic. I resisted for quite a while, until I found the perfect picture with which to start off…


The year is 1977. The time was one of those beautifully crisp autumn days. The place is the Founder’s Garden on North Campus of the University of Georgia. The lovely Bulldog was a sophomore.

Only one guess… who is she?

Double Standards

Yeah, I know, what else is new…


(h/t: Gerard) From the fab folks over at RedPlanetCartoons

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