Obamabucks Coming to Atlanta to Fight the “Perception of Crime”

This is just rich.

Icarus at Peach Pundit points out that perception is everything. Really, everything. I guess that guy last Tuesday that was mugged in his car behind my building just perceived he was mugged.

So I’ll ask the question for this round of handouts: Will Atlanta finally have to document the actual active police on duty today, and those on duty after receiving these funds? Or did we just get an eleven million dollar press release to enhance our perception of hiring new police officers?

Creative Loafing, a local Atlanta alternative paper, has quickly overtaken the AJC when it comes to reporting REAL news. They also have a “Perception of Crime Watch” because, you know, the Mayor and Police Chief can’t be bothered with such trivialities.

There’s more on the Perception of Crime against property* and Perception of Crime Anti-Americorps.

You can follow Perception of Crime on Twitter as #PoCATL. Maybe Chief Pennington and Mayor Franklin should get Twitter for their phones. That way they can keep up with their delusional perception of crimes not happening in Atlanta.

*When Obi was practicing his run for the Peachtree earlier this month, his fellow runner parked his car at Grady High School in the broad daylight on a Saturday. In the time he took to run his route (less than an hour), four cars were broken into, including his friend’s car. The police were of no help. Remember it’s the Perception of Crime that breaks into your car, not real criminals.

UPDATE: Per Obi himself –

Later that same morning, the police actually caught the guy who broke all
of the car windows. Plus, they recovered all of the stuff he stole. Apparently, the cop came back to the crime scene and waited around for a bit. Then, the perp came walking through and the cop stopped him. After some questioning, the guy gave it up and even took the cop to his stash site. My friend got his stuff back, but had to pay the deductible to have his car repaired (repair total was around $2500). As far as I know, the perp is still in the clink. Must not have been the first time he had done this kind of activity. Pretty remarkable if you ask me.

Ambushed! Seven Things I Love

I was ambushed overnight by Maggie’s Notebook. You find out the most interesting things about folks by playing along with these things. So now I have to share 7 things I love. Like Maggie,

I’m going to play this a bit differently because all of us will probably say we love our God, we love our family, we love our country, we love our friends, or some variation of this, and we all love to blog, so I’ll say those are my first loves, and here are the next 7:

1. Music. It evokes so many memories from my life.
2. Watching my kids perform. When they were little, it was goofy dance recitals and goofier little league. Now it’s orchestra concerts and soccer games. Even though they’re grown, they are still adorable and I just want to pinch their little heads off.
3. Nature – the beauty of God’s creation.
4. Fine Vintage Linen
5. Rain
6. Chocolate
7. A crisp autumn’s afternoon in Athens, GA. There’s a spot on the UGA campus, on Sanford Drive behind Rutherford Hall and the Myers Quad, where a line of tall gingko trees drop their golden leaves. Gold above, gold under your feet, the quiet, crisp air, the waning sun through the branches…with a little imagination, you can see what the Fellowship saw when they entered Lothlorien.

Now I’m tagging –
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and last, but never least, Fausta.

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