So How Bad is Bad?

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Bad New York. NYC sends their homeless to Georgia. Cute. Real cute.

Bad Atlanta. I wonder if these new “residents” help attribute to the increase of the Perception of Crime? The one and same perception that Mayor Franklin and (well, hello stranger) Police Chief Pennington made some noise about today, promising putting more officers on the streets and containing gang violence and roping in teenagers out at all hours…all to stop a (wait for it)…“perceived surge in crime.” Just curious, how will that stop muggings in broad daylight?

Bad Washington. Was Perez Hilton one of the judges of this Hill Beauty Pageant? My grandma used to always say, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” So there.

Bad Georgia. Governor Perdue’s forced furloughs of state employees gets the school year off to a very bad start, before it even begins.

Bad Skinny Statists Audaciously Picking on Oppressed Fat People. Height vs weight, genetics, “sanctimonious slenderizers,” evil chain restaurants, hey pass me that Eclair. (h/t Pundette)

Bad Press. Lamborghini should sue. Or Cheetos. Or both.

Bad Dictator’s Wives. Priceless.

Bad Judgement. You don’t let a terrorist’s Special Administrative Measures expire like some discarded magazine subscription. Don’t these people know anything? Oh wait, they’re appointed by you-know-who.

Bad POTUS. “Obama’s big success consists of being a poor enough executive such that his ability to further damage the economy has been sharply limited.”

Hmmm. Here’s a good thing – The Won’s numbers are tanking.

I’m feeling better already…

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