Rep. David Scott: I Don’t Know = Shut Up!

Gee, I wonder if that is David Scott (D-GA 13) SecretCongressCode for, “Don’t ask me again, moron, I’ll do whatever I want.” At the Douglas County Highway 92 corridor meeting last week (at least according to the local paper toeing the party line):

As the session began to wind down, Dr. Brian E. Hill, Atlanta-based urologist, turned the question to health care issues. He asked Scott if he intended to vote for House Bill 3200 (the federal health care reform bill). Scott replied, “I don’t know,” and added he was interested in the wishes and thoughts of all the constituents in the 13th District.

But the real story is in the comments!

Several commenters noted the Pledge was omitted, requested and then had to be redone. Interesting.
Concerning Rep. Scott’s behavior and demeanor: “…display of arrogance…”,
”…Rep. Scott and his staff got into a shouting match with their constituents…”,
“…their representative treated them with disdain and arrogance…”,
“…an example of an elected official out of touch with the concerns of the average voters…”,
“…[the reporter] was in the john that’s why he missed that Scott said he favored the Government Option on healthcare to Dr. Brian Hill…”,
“…Congressman Scott [was] “out of order” by his sudden change in demeanor and voice level…”,
“…accused those in attendance (who would dare question his stance on HB 3200) that we had ‘Hijacked this meeting’…”,
“…quite evident that Congressman Scott does not want to answer to his constituents on HB 3200…”,
“Is that what our country has come to? If the officials don’t like the questions, you are called to be out of order and ceremoniously removed from the room?”,
“…The police told those who showed up to protest they would be arrested if they picketed…”.
Selective ramming: “That said, it’s very telling that Congressman Scott said that the Highway 92 project was taking a long time because it was not something that was going to be rammed down the community’s throat without being properly vetted to determine if it was something the citizens want. Yet he is well prepared to vote on changing health care as we know it without ever reading the bill or having it properly vetted by Congress and his consituents. Furthermore, it appears a large percentage of his constituents are against health care reform but he doesn’t seem worried about ramming it down our throats. Talk about hypocrisy and a double standard!!!”
Money shot: “During Dr. Hill’s comments Scott changed into the state of a “bunker mentality,” you should have seen his face. If looks could kill, Scott would now be in the Douglas County Jail. I can’t decide if Scott was expressing his anger at being challenged for his votes in Congress, or whether he was caught off guard by the anger from his Constituents, or whether he did not understand the issue, or whether he simply did not want to state his opinion on the Health Care issue.”

Amazing, isn’t it? There is an awakening occurring across this nation!

Info on Rep. David Scott (remember we’re watching!):
Home page

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UPDATE: Jason at PeachPundit has VIDEO of Scott losing his temper. (Sorry it won’t embed here, you’ll need to go over there to view it.) After watching the video, I need a bath.

HotAir has picked up the video as well. I wonder when David Scott will admit he screwed up, yelling at his constituents? Allahpundit:

that the guy who asked Scott the question actually is one of his constituents, contrary to what the distinguished gentleman implies. And that his “hijacking” of this town hall (which wasn’t devoted to health care) came during a Q&A session in which attendees were in fact allowed to ask about anything. But aside from that, he’s very, very Nazi, baby.

Now Gateway Pundit has picked up the story. Turn up the heat, baby!

And check out Danishova, who shares the opinion that it is Scott who is the nutcase.

Now it’s a Memeorandom thread. My, my, my.

Donald Douglas at American Power has a two-fer! Seems Scott refused to allow constituents to bring in their own cameras. Glad the news folks were there…

He’s getting famous!
Front page of Drudge this morning…
Townhall… now this is interesting. In the first clip, at the beginning, it appears that Rep. Scott implies the meeting was for African-Americans only. Funny…I missed that part in the meeting notices. Sounds like he’s playing the race card, like any good Democrat.

UPDATE III: Stay classy folks, please. Personally, I believe the sudden appearance of the swastika is staged to dovetail with the Speaker’s (et al.) delusional talking points regarding town halls.

The Long Hot Summer

Ahhh, nothing like a long, hot summer to make Congressmen sweat. Sweat they should. And hang their heads in shame for what they are trying to pull over their constituents. The people that ELECTED them into their cushy little offices with their cushy little drivers and their mini-armies of interns and aides and what not. While we all eat cake.

SpecterWeasel speaks, explosion results!

Dick Durbin sees fake people at Tea Parties.

Lloyd Doggett runs away like a scared little girl. Evidently his constituents disagree with his plans to vote FOR the health plan from hell.

More on Durbin and Dogbert at Ace.

In other Democratic news, Cash for Clunkers will steal your computer info and Democrats are obstructing justice by refusing to release information related to Countrywide that names names at the start of the mortgage crisis. Hey Chris Dodd, is that the “blood of the economy” on your hands?

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