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Quote of the Day

Sorry so quiet – been called to serve my civic duty. So the next few days may be frantic or non-existent. Only the foreman knows…

Today’s Quote O’The Day is courtesy of Andy Doyle of Political Friends, who read my previous rant post on our delusional Congressman and kindly sent an email of his own dealings with Rep. David Scott’s office staff/etc. (used with his permission)…

I talked to David Johnson in David Scott’s office on Wednesday. They had told me earlier in the month that Rep Scott was going to have a town hall meeting on Aug 28th. I think they mention it in the clip where David Scott yells at his constituents. I was really looking forward to going to the town hall as the one at the end of the month was suppose to be devoted to Health Care.

On Wednesday, I called the DC and Smyrna office. They had no clue what I was talking about. The DC office told me to call the Jonesboro office and ask for David Johnson. Mr Johnson told me that they had to cancel the end of the month town hall because each of the venues they wanted to use were worried that Mr. Scott’s constituents wouldn’t treat the venue with respect so they weren’t willing to allow Mr. Scott to use it.

Sounds fishy to me… who exactly do they think will be bustin’ up the place? Concerned doctors? Or bussed-in thugs? Hey, where’s that email address? (

I have consistently been disappointed with the professionalism of his staff. I called once last year to ask if Scott would be in town to meet with constituents during a recess. I was asked, “what business is it of yours where Mr Scott is?” Needless to say I was upset.

Indeed! Pesky peasants, asking nosy questions! How dare they think that they have a right to know what their ELECTED OFFICIAL is up to. The nerve!

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