Goodbye, Robert Novak

Stacy has a great round-up of the accolades pouring in for Robert Novak. He passed away today after a long battle with brain cancer. Donald does the dirty work with a round-up of the seething hate from the left – they are so pathetic, they can’t even respect the dead.

One of the reasons I always liked to listen to Novak was he was always so quick on his feet, especially with an adversary. Sadly, his kind is a dying breed. My prayers are with the Novak family today and in the days to come.

robert novak

He is the Kenobi

How could I have missed this OBVIOUS metaphor relating Glenn Beck to Obi-Wan Kenobi? Surely the bandwidth consumed by hours and hours away from the computer because of this week’s jury duty is part of the problem…but this happened last week! Why did I not see it? Because I was under the weather? Maybe my midiclorians need recharging.


It appears that the left’s urgent boycott of Glenn Beck’s advertisers in an effort to destroy Beck is like Darth Vader strking down Kenobi. It’s making Beck more powerful. He is Kenobi.

Erick also has a list of the whiny advertisers choosing to pick and choose whose show their ads run for. I haven’t corresponded with the aforementioned companies yet, because, of course, IHAVENOTIME nowadays. But I did manage to fire off a letter to AARP telling them to take a running start and jump up my nether parts.

Stop doing the math; a Jedi never reveals their age. That’s just wude(4:00).

UPDATE: Welcome Rhetorican readers! Stick around, no tellin’ what will happen next! Check out these latest jewels: yet another stellar office minion’s
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