Coming Up for Air

My stint as a juror is complete. Definitely a very interesting experience! My previous service was always on civil cases – divorce settlements and such. This was a criminal trial with DNA and expert witnesses. I kept waiting for Gil Grissom to be called to the stand!

While I was out:

Pelosi, Reid & Co. pull out the secret weapon!

The Anchoress waxes on David’s Goldhill’s from-the-heart article at The Atlantic Online.

Goldhill is a Democrat who looks at the healthcare not as a wonk or a partisan, but from the perspective of a businessman who has just lost his father due to hospital-borne infection. He writes of his experience as an American without healthcare, and with. He writes as a son who watched his father die while the hospital served the customer – which was Medicare – rather than the patient. He writes about inefficiency, having twice prevented his father from being taken to surgeries not meant for him.

He is very clear about what is not working within our current health care system. He is equally as clear in noting that nothing the government is currently proposing as “reform” will actually fix what is not working.

Goldhill’s grief, and his love for his father and mother, permeates the whole piece, but this thoughtful analysis is not mawkish, and it is not meant to push your emo buttons; it is meant, in fact, to turn off the white-hot emotionalism that surrounds this issue so that realities may be exposed and hashed-out.

Yes, it is long, but I know you have the attention span to make it to the end. You won’t regret it.

While we’re on the subject of health care choices rationing, please note that Obama has reinstituted the VA’s “Death Book.” How long before we all have to submit one to get our car tags?

Don’t forget, God endorses Obamacare!

The White House, and its chief resident, seem to be melting down. But not before companies with ties to the President and his never-ending campaign PROFIT from the health care debate. While Americans lose jobs, lose pay, lose houses, lose their dreams…all because a party was so driven by hate for one man, willing to tank the very engine of American commerce to win one election. Really.

I wonder if this gave Chris Matthews’ leg a tingle? It should, since it rated a flaming skull and all. Michelle Malkin bequeaths them the “Cone of Shame” for their incredibly LAME excuse. Talk about networks that advertisers should drop…

More later, as I get caught up.

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