Fun With Numbers, Semper Fi and Trog Gets a Nod

Troglopundit gets recognized for incivility in the blogosphere. Well done, sir! Surely Carol at No Sheeples Here can come up with a snazzy coat of arms for your achievement.

Red meat via HotAir, as a Marine “politely” asks his Congressman to honor the oath he took to represent the people!

Semper Fi!

Not to be outdone by yesterday’s exercise in higher math at a bazillionaire’s expense, today I present the latest episode of “Fun with Numbers”!

Stacy of The Other McCain reports on union propaganda circulated against John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods. His magic number is 21,900.

Too bad for Obama that his success is dependent on second-raters like these UFCW clowns who can’t even write halfway decent radical propaganda.

(BTW, The Hubs made the first trip to Whole Foods in quite a while Friday, just to support them. Have you?)

That dapper Steven Green of VodkaPundit – his number is 40+ when estimating the number of seats the Donks will lose if this health care fiasco passes. (No ladies, not that number, that number is always a 10!)

obama wealth destruction

Fausta notes that as soon Obama raised his stimulus projection, he vamoosed out of town for the Vineyard. Enjoy the hurricane, bro. Her number – 9 trillion.

Clairvoyant Doug Ross of DirectorBlue points to a much appreciated new website: I’m Sorry I Voted For Obama. Really.

Consider it a support group for the disillusioned.

Doug’s number is 5,000,000,000. I really like that number.

Tune in next time for more “Fun with Numbers”!

(Thanks to Nice Deb for the graphic)

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