Your Defining Post?

Conversion Diary is asking bloggers to leave a link to what they consider to be their “defining post.” (h/t The Anchoress) Out of almost a 1000 posts, it was hard to pick one. And I’m such a lightweight, Elizabeth has written over 5000 posts!

At first I thought, how about a little snark? But regular lurkers know there’s plenty of that here, but it’s not defining.

So then I thought, how about a rant about bad manners, because after all, isn’t that one of the founding premises here, before I was ambushed by politics? Again, a popular topic (I mean really, consider the wealth of material I’m presented with each day), but not really defining.

How about a post about a legend? Getting closer to what defines ol’ Obi’s Sister, since I do write about my Dawgs a bit, bleed Red and Black, and can sing the entire Redcoat CD by heart. 4 days til kickoff, ahem, but who’s counting?

Ahhhh, here’s a good post – the one faith and trust that God will see us through anything. Including an Obama presidency combined with a Democratic Congress combined with an adoring press and a general liberal attitude of arrogant Marxism. Yep, it’s defining, I’d say.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite? Leave a comment and I’ll include them here.

By the way, I’m #133 on Conversion Diary. Check out the other links – there’s some good stuff there!

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