The Baron bon Bloginsky Turn of a Word

Awaiting the kick-off of the Trade School Trouncing, the Baron bon Bloginsky weaves some magical words. (Yikes, the Shar-Pei just picked Tech to win. Does the Shar-Pei ever shut up?)

…embrace the healing power of ‘and?’

Michael [Moore] packs significant inertia, and it fills the screen, toppling the flat panel from the TV stand to lie there, in a pose nearly useless enough to resemble one of Moore’s films.

Is Pelosi cracking…

…it would force him to deal with blow hard university presidents hell bent on their own view of every issue. He would essentially have to win over people like himself.

…the President says it belongs to him…

…throw ol’ Trog a bone…

Emory is arguing that there is no “need” for Gwinnett County to have open heart services because heart attack victims can drive to downtown Atlanta or Decatur…

Who needs health care close by when you can drive almost an hour to sit in more traffic on the connector? What happens if you have a heart attack in Dacula on Halloween at 3:30 pm (traditionally the absolutely WORST traffic day of the year in Atlanta)? Will the heart attack be understanding and pace itself like the stupid new, ‘metered’ entrance ramp lights? Yeah, I thought so.

Health care patriots, unite!

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