The Force Is NOT Strong In This One

Jim Treacher at his absolute, monitor-ruining best. (h/t VodkaPundit)

Delinking Is So Hard To Do

Not really. It had been over a year since I’d even been over or linked to Little Green Footballs. When he started attacking fellow bloggers, for some pretty petty and imagined slights, I just took my business elsewhere. But then he came after Stacy. Robert Stacy McCain – loud of mouth but big of heart. Poor, delusional Charles had slid so far to the left, he was sounding like Keith Olbermann and playing by the (gasp!) liberal playbook. In other words, if you disagreed with him, you were out. Smeared, labeled, libeled, cherry-picked, drug behind the king’s chariot and left for the dogs. So much for (ahem) civilized discourse.

So I delinked him. In the meantime, Hot Air keeps him in their blogroll, but in a more appropriate category.

Super Duper King of the Lefties Little Green Footballs

UPDATE: Perhaps I should explain: LGF was removed from the blogroll here over a year ago. By delinking, I mean I went through my posts and removed the links back. The trend I saw was interesting…as a beginner blogger, I linked there quite a bit. His reports on Islamic cruelty to women were compelling. He had strong opinions on the American ostrich politics regarding the tsunami of Islamic danger heading America’s way. Over the months I linked less; either I felt more comfortable with my own voice or his had changed it’s tune. Then he started attacking other bloggers. You know the rest of the story.

Carol of No Sheeples Here says, “…good riddance.”

UPDATE II: Linked by The Other McCain, who outlines the root cause of the “Little Green Meltdown.”

Don’t Get Your Knickers In a Twist, Johann

Lovingly swiped from The Anchoress, the perfect parody for a gloomy Friday or any day for that matter…

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