Go Dawgs, Beat Hawgs

Dawn brought a very gloomy Saturday. Bernie talks about Joe Cox:

Cox may not have the sexy arm that Stafford brought ‘tween the hedges. But he’s got moxie that oozes out his earholes. He’s not as media savvy and polished (thank God). And he’s only leading up to his fourth career start.

But you can already feel the JC groove, or The Ginger Assassin as Stuff of Legend refers to him. He may not be solid as a rock in the pocket, but he’s always ready to roll. He’s a little less manicured lawn and a little more junkyard.

There ya go – Junk-YARRRRRRD!

And it that don’t getcha going, then this one always works: Dimples gets his interception

Go Dawgs! Beat Hawgs!

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