Dear Jesus, thank you for the rain. You can stop now.

This morning, managed a quick post (really a veiled plea for an Ark) over at Atlanta Politics Online before the internet, etc. went AWOL for the day. Power and cable made random appearances until around 2 p.m., when they came back up to stay. Internet finally raised it head after supper.

For those not from ’round these parts, we’ve been getting a bit of rain. The drought is over. MY county has received upwards of 20″ of rain since Thursday. Four deaths in Douglas (be sure to watch the video – the force of the water is frightening.) There are 43 roads closed in our county alone – there are about 100 closed in Cobb County, just a few miles north. All of Atlanta is nearly underwater. Douglas is one of 17 counties in a declared state of emergency.

Hwy 92 just north of Douglas-Paulding line

As of suppertime, here’s our current status:

–The basement is vacuumed out and drying (go fans! go fans!)
–The backyard has flooded several times in the last 24 hours and the trusty old drainage ditch between us and our back neighbors has evolved its course, not in a good direction.
–There is a water mark on our garage doors at about 6”. Our driveway fades in a slight decline to a drain grate on the property line. At 4 a.m., I estimated the water depth at it’s deepest to be about 2.5 feet between our house and the house next door. From the news pictures I’ve seen today, I’m thankful it wasn’t any higher.
–We are under a “boil water” advisory.
–Managed to get one load of laundry done.
–We have no water pressure at all now – so no showers, washed dishes or flushes in the near future. According to the Water Authority folks and their helpful message, it could be several days before water service is restored. The greenies would be so proud.
–School is out until Thursday.
–I am exhausted.
–Mud is not my friend.

The mess in my backyard

The mess in my backyard

But… my thoughts and prayers are for those not as lucky as we. Those who have lost their loved ones, their homes, their belongings, their cars, their pets, their jobs, their businesses, those who couldn’t make it home, those who couldn’t make it to work, the panicked parents of the flooded elementary school who found their precious children safe and sound at the middle school down the road, so many touched by this disaster. This flood has harmed Georgians statewide. And there is more rain forecast for tonight.

Pray for us!

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