The Mega Non-Mud Related Roundup

Slowly digging out and drying out here on the sunny westside. Clean water has been restored! For once an upside to living closer to school – while the Not-So-Wee Highlander had his usual 5 minute commute, students and staff at Chapel Hill High School were not so lucky. Considering all roads that lead to CHHS were washed out except one, they averaged a 2.5 hour commute for approximately 5-8 miles. Hormones and road rage – hopefully the administration was understanding. And there are at least three other schools on that road, to boot! Might be time to buy an off-road four-wheelie something just to make it to school everyday.

Chain saws and hammers are the music of the day. So hoping for a few laughs to lighten our mood (and some linky-love as well) – here’s a round-up of “unusual” items and insights from the last few days.

(Fake) Steve (Jobs) pretends to be (Evil) Larry (Ellison) when he meets (Clueless, but with hair plugs) Joe Biden, but it all sounds like a scary geeky fantasy to me.

Bubba is tilting at windmills again.

I didn’t know you could put nitrous in a KIA. Or maybe it’s the sound of banjo music floatin’ down the holler that makes Stacy drive so fast.

Lance grew up on Mars, or somewhere. He never got his three-hour tour. Poor, abused child.

I guess now that Michigan is done cleaning up prostitution, meth-labs and gangs running wild, they can concentrate on the really tough crime out there. Like outlaw baby-sitters.

The Cardboard Cutout Commander in Chief – Is he a Mechanical Turk?
Interior Decorator? Altogether neutered?

Is Obama just another iteration of the Bad Boyfriend? Exhibit A: Told so many lies he can’t keep them straight anymore? Exhibit B:Told the opposite story and now backtracks to the lie before the other lie?

Who writes those ponderously verbose and narcissistic speeches for him, anyway?

Keith’s unrequited love
for Sarah continues, unabated.

And in closing, on a sad note, Douglas County officials believe they may have found the last missing person washed away during the massive rains Sunday evening. She died on her birthday, on her way home from a friend’s. Pray for her family and friends to find peace and understanding.

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