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College application time, so how about a little fun with bad grammar, comma splices and dangling participles? I’ll do my best, considering my sinus infection is boomeranging on me.

Father’s desire to honor his 9/11 murdered son is stymied by pinhead, PC, public servants.

Gerard on Krauthammer – who else do you need? Like me, he’s noticed the only REAL news you can find on America is from an overseas paper.

Waste of skin.

Hey, it’s only money, and you don’t get to keep ANY of YOURS.

NRCC exposed in NY23.

Cows – what’s for dinner? Or our betters?

Anchoress three’fer:
The new cookbooks are here! The new cookbooks are here!
Waste of skin, redeux.
Would these same men have been saved five years from now?

We noticed he’d gone Galt. But then again, he have furniture in our house made from his fabulous books.

RS McCain is a hard-workin’, REAL journalist. Help him go back to NY23 and Finish the Drill.

Obama praises Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) as “outstanding.” A paragon of Democratic Values. “K Street whore” comments “justified”.

Obama’s lack of interest in time management if it’s not about HIM.

UGA/Florida weekend – which Dawgs team will show up?

Gator-Haters, unite!

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