Celebrating the End of Evil Daylight Savings Time


Today and next couple of weeks really send me for a zinger…my sleeping/eating/internal clock patterns get out o’whack. Evil, pagan, government weasels curse the sun and alter its course during the summer. Bah humbug.

Still recovering from the spanking in JAX. Doug has it in for his SEC blogging pals, but then recovers his sportsmanship gene with a great roundup. Well done, sir.

The Anchoress has a fabulous Rockwell-ish baseball picture, which soothes the tattered souls of football freaks. I have a memories of being in the stands of Sanford Stadium and every time the scoreboard would show the Braves score (in whatever pennant race was going on that year), we’d cheer and do the Tomahawk Chop Cheer. Yeah, verily, there is always next year for the Dawgs and the Braves.

Who said the interblogz weren’t the most powerful thing on the planet? (h/t Anchoress) And she said

My stars, Stacy is back up in NY again (thanks to generous donations) and this time Fred is showing up!

A desperate struggle to control the narrative of the crucial special congressional election in upstate New York’s 23rd District has broken out in the wake of Republican Dede Scozzafava’s concession yesterday.

Desperate, indeed. Almost as desperate as Obama and Hillary are beginning to sound. Neither of them seem to be handling those 3 a.m. phone calls very well.

In light of the bumbling of military and veteran affairs by our executive branch, donate to Project Valour-IT to help disabled soldiers.

And finally, the REAL truth about PelosiCare. Will someone please turn off the PA system? It’s stuck on Thriller. Halloween’s over.

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