Quotes of the Day

“Because the fruit of their faith is surely the apple whose core is an orgy of worms in a knot of rot.” Smitty of The Other McCain

There is the battlefield on which we live or die, and it is a fight that should not involve party lines, at all. If we lose sight of it in the fog, we lose everything.” Elizabeth, The Anchoress

“The Scary Thing is He Fits Right into Seattle.” Gerard at American Digest

The Red Dawn?

So what was yesterday, exactly? A reawakening? A Red Dawn? Even the Democrat’s tin-foil hats couldn’t protect them from the signals from constituents, voters, patriots…that we’re tired of them/their behavior/their arrogance/their tactics/their //insert unsavory trait here//, the horrific mess they are turning this country into and we’re not going to take it anymore.

What signals? The GOP trounced Democrats in two states that Barack Obama won big just one year ago. Obama beat McCain in Virginia by 13 points; Bob McDonnell won it by 17. Republicans swept the statewide offices, reversing Democratic gains made over the last few election cycles, and are set to take at least a half-dozen Democratic seats in the legislature. It should be remembered that the current governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine, is also the Democratic Party chair, put there in part to consolidate Democratic gains in his state.

Obama will still be president for another three years, but the mystique is gone. New Jersey just taught Democrats in Congress a big lesson — Obama can’t get them re-elected. Being the President’s “partner” on his radical agenda is not a winning position; it wasn’t for Corzine in what should have been a secure blue state, and it certainly won’t be in moderate or conservative districts and states held by Democrats in the House and Senate.

That is a huge blow to Obama and his agenda, as Democrats now have to consider unpopular bills for ObamaCare and cap-and-trade in an entirely new light. If they fall in behind Obama instead of listening to their constituents, they will find themselves in retirement after the 2010 midterms. That’s the big lesson, and it will not be lost on moderate Democrats.

Of course, The One’s Personal Piehole said he couldn’t be bothered with watching returns. Not about HIM, you understand.

While Doug Hoffman lost by a slim margin in NY23, his ideas did NOT and will continue to grow. New Jersey has a new governor who hopes to pull the Garden State out of the hole his predecessor dug. Virginia is the loveliest shade of red right now.

Besides the Democrats, the GOP got a big dose of brain-melting signal as well.

…conservatives refused to support Arlen Specter in a skirt. This is a victory of principle.

Moreover, NY-23 is a victory for conservatives who refuse to be marginalized in the public square by either the unhinged left or the establishment right. A humble accountant from upstate New York exposed the hypocrisy of GOP leaders trying to solicit funds from conservatives by lambasting Pelosi and the Dems’ support for high taxes, Big Labor, and bigger government — while using conservatives’ money to subsidize a high-taxing, Big Labor-pandering, bigger government radical. The repercussions will be felt well beyond NY-23’s borders. Conservatives’ disgust with the status quo has been heard and felt. They have been silent too long. They will be silent no more.

A piece of paper does not a Republican make. The Senate is feeling the heat, too.

Wolverines! Keep up the good work – they are beginning to crack!

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