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Friday the Thirteenth… if you’re superstitious, you don’t leave the house. Miraculously, I made it to work and back today without being smushed like a bug or falling into one of Atlanta’s famous potholes. Go figure.

In honor of things thirteeny, here is a list of the top thirteen random things that caught my eye today:

13. Trog sees dead planets.

12. Three UT freshmen football players arrested last Friday for armed robbery, with a semi-automatic pellet gun, one wearing school spirit attire, and the getaway car was a Prius. Honestly, folks, I couldn’t make that one up if I tried. “Impossible is Nuthin.” Stop it, I can’t breathe!

11. “This blog hopes that there is a camera trained on Princess Pelosi when [Lt. Col Alan] West gives her The Look and her botox freezes solid.”

10. Dear heavens, that woman needs a real stylist. Without a belt fetish.

9. Pelosi, a cheat? Who’ve thunk it…

8. Lunch today at La Fonda Latina (new Howell Mill Rd location). The Quesadilla con Camarones was superb.

7. Ree goes to WallyWorld.

6. Carroll County is one county over. (h/t Gerard)

5. I’ll take The Cost of Narcissism for $500, Alex. Bizzzzzzt… “What is $1.4 trillion, just in fiscal year 2009?”

4. 14, not 13.

3. Flag? What flag?

2. What part of this does the Obama WH not understand?

1. The best Christmas list evah. I’m gonna print this sucker off, stick it on the fridge and make sure EVERYONE IN THIS HOUSE can perform all these things. We will survive.

Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils. Gen. John Stark

Infidels, unite!

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