Once You Go Jack, You’ll Never Go Back

Well, this is a surprise – an award that wasn’t immediately coughed up to Barack Obama. People Magazine picks Johnny Depp as their 2009 Sexiest Man Alive.

Actually, no, it’s not really a surprise. Johnny has always been high on “the list” of favored eye candy. If they weren’t going to pick Mark Harmon, then JD is a fine choice indeed. Yes, indeedy, a very fine choice.

Ahem, here he is without the pirate hat, you know, just for comparison purposes, you know –

UPDATE: Evidently, GQ got the memo.

“This war of nerves”

Via Ruby Slippers

What “war of nerves?” Our BHO-besotted media decides that the mumblings of Levi Johnston outranks the outrage of the KSM “criminal” trial, the wholesale heist of the economy via health-care “reform,” the American Apology Tour and the “Stimulus” that ballooned our national debt and killed American jobs? That’s what tweaks MY nerve.

Our media needs to go back to journalism school and learn how to research and report on real issues. Not this idiocy.

The self-absorbed man-child thinks he’s “winning.” Winning what, exactly? He should be trying to be a good dad for his son and repairing the damage he’s inflicted on Bristol, instead of these shenanigans. His 15 minutes is over and now all we see is the pathetic mugging for the cameras.

Levi Johnston is nothing but a tool. A clueless adolescent, adrift in a personal fog created by media pimps. As a parent myself, I wonder if they are proud or ashamed of their son. These days, you never know.

Time to put on your big boy pants, Levi.

UPDATE: Ruby Slippers is hoping is this is the last second of his 15 minutes. Me, too.

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