Abby? Abby Who? Abby-Normal….

Just read it.

You are a dope-smoking, contagion-spreading menace to society, Andrew Sullivan, and you ought to be immediately deported. I think even Tom Tancredo, Pat Buchanan and Peter Brimelow would agree that your deportation is a matter of national security far more important than sending ICE to hassle a few hundred illegal Mexican poultry-plant workers in North Carolina.

All because he’s got this thang about a girl named Sarah

This Lackluster Season Just Got Worse

UGA VII, Loran’s Best, died suddenly this afternoon. Maybe he was mortified by this happening near his dawghouse.

Georgia Sports Blog.


Catfish & Cornbread.

View from 336.

The Nonsensical Ravings of a Lunatic Mind.


Orson, irreverent, as usual:

Georgia fans were stunned at the announcement this afternoon. Speaking on conditions of anonymity, one source close to the program offered the following verdict:

“How we can lose a damn good dawg like this and still have Willie Martinez is…it’s just…it’s just not right.”

Peach Pundit (from whom I swiped this adorable picture).

Now he’s playing with Erk, in that big DawgPound in the sky.

UPDATE: I second Bernie

Yesterday was a thoughtful day for dog lovers, a difficult day for Dawg fans…but a painful day for the Seilers. Everyone else can take their mascot envy and shove it! […]

But when word spread of Uga’s passing…well, to be honest…Kentucky doesn’t stand a chance in hell.

We’ve got an embattled coaching staff, a baseball player going through the fight of his life, enough seniors bringin’ mommas to fill a two-deep and an empty Dawg House with a funeral wreath. The great Bear Bryant could return to the north sideline in a blue leisure suit with Coach Brooks propped on his shoulders and it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference.

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