Advent is Here and a Friendly Reminder

The Anchoress has a great post on the Advent season. Read

…why I am inspired, this year, this Advent, this very night -O Holy Night- to keep Advent at the fore, and the World of Illusions and Easy Forgettings somewhere at bay, where I can not so easily reference it, or be so quickly distracted.

My favorite Advent devotional is at Following The Star. The music is especially moving. The site also has devotionals for other times of the year.

Now for the, ahem, Friendly Reminder. This site has a Comments Policy. Please read it. In fact, if you’re prone to invective discourse, perhaps you should read it aloud. While Stacy & Co. love a flame-war as much as the next, and in fact encourage vigorous debate as “Rule 4” in How to Get a Million Hit on Your Blog in Less Than a Year. While they relish the schoolyard skirmishes, I don’t. Nothing gets people into a “Bah, Humbug” mood than being subjected to other’s bad form and/or acting out, especially during the holidays. So behave yourselves, or be banned.

Merry Christmas.

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