Too Good to Check

Via Gerard, who knows a thing or two about proofreading (Charles Martin/PJM):

1. UNESCO, Paris (IHP-IV Project H-4.1). 78p estimates 2350 as the year for disappearance of glaciers, but the IPCC authors misread 2350 as 2035 in the Official IPCC documents, WGII 2007 p. 493!

In other words, it appears that the immensely rapid decline of the Himalayan glaciers, so widely reported to be coming in 2035, was originally reported not to happen until 2350.

Typo. Typo. Typo.

Goes hand in hand with another four-letter word. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL.

Now the sad, [non-]endangered polar bears will be able to frolic freely on glaciers worldwide!

Magic Words Are Like Magic Beans

They grow and grow, trailing green little tendrils, until they’ve grown out of sight… out of mind… out of meaning.


…”yeah…something is settled. And I don’t want to step in it.”



“…structural problems…”


“The clearly implied answer is,well, ‘No…‘”

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