The 1000th Post

So what should I talk about?

How about TeaPartyGirl takes on Mutant Nostril, and wins?

Or The Daily Show is actually reporting stuff the LameStreamMedia ignores?

Or Zippers, A Man’s Best Friend? Georgia Edition. Florida Edition.

Or Obama’s Safe-School Czar pushing child-porn? Why is this a surprise?

Or Madam Boxer, confused again?

Or Obama refuses to be photographed with world-class lawnmower? Oh wait, that’s an F-22, but how would he know?

Or The Goracle was sooo looking forward to Copenhagen, when, ooohhh nooooo, run away! Run away!

Or Lance and Duane are both nice guys?

Or Erick the Erickson wins a much deserved award?

Or, I don’t know, some football game tomorrow?

So much to talk about. So many people talking. About anything and everything. But a 1000 posts later, I’ve made some good friends, had some great late night talks and even won an award once.

Awww shucks! Group hug! Here’s to the next 1000 posts!

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