Something Rotten in Denmark

That stench is the exhaust from all the politicians and “scientists” and activists and tree-hugging groupies pretending to be all eco-conscious for the cameras. Or it could be the hot air from their yammering pie-holes. Really, if they really believed the tripe they peddle, they’d be behaving much differently, wouldn’t they?

Just in time for the GlobalWarmingGooeyCampfireInSnowyCopenhagen MosEiselyInDisguise, the Obama administration plans to announce they plan to further regulate greenhouse gases as a threat to our well-being. The timing is so adolescently predictable – make Big Zero look all greeny for the popular kids. In the meantime, the climate change scientists look more stupid by the minute. Gee, wasn’t it in 5th grade science that we learned that trees need CO2 to survive? Why does Obama hate the trees?

Finally the Obama administration finds a problem they can solve. Unfortunately it is one that doesn’t exist.

The din begins. If you don’t believe, you’re a heretic. Let the auto de fé begin!

Al Gore, Inventor of the Internet and Weathermaking Wizard, is now a poet, and wants you to know it. I wonder if there is a merit badge for that, that his mom could sew on his High Priest robe/sash/snuggie?

(cartoon shamelessly swiped from MarySue)

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  1. March 2, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    […] Gore (a favorite ’round here, see this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this) hood-winked the world. If he had any […]


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