Neo: Pelosi’s Been Reading Her Goebbels

Neo-neocon is at it again. Read the whole thing. (h/t Gerard)

Dropping Like Flies? We Can Only Wish…

Democrats are retiring in ever greater numbers. Today the big kahuna, CountryWide Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) announced he would not seek reelection. Don’t start your victory dance yet; there’s much afoot here and the stench of corruption envelopes it all. They’ll all vote for the horrid Health Deform bill, retire and then live out their lives with fat pensions and cadillac health insurance, all on our dime. Once a crook, always a crook.

Could it be that after the legislators went home to their districts, to face angry constituents, they realized their reelections were no longer guaranteed? Or are there bigger fish, tastier assignments to be had?

Or could it be that they see The Won who was supposed to be their grand poobah of all things socialist is failing to produce what his visions of unicorns and pixie dust promised? The Other McCain:

I think the problem is not so much that Obama’s staffers are all amateurs, but rather that their experience — especially the experience of Rahm Emanuel and other Clinton administration veterans of the “permanent campaign” — is the wrong kind of experience. The belief that Republicans are worse enemies than al-Qaeda is one of those ideas that have consequences.

At this point, who can believe anything that comes out of Obamassiah’s mouth?

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