Martha Coakley – Class Act

RSMcCain wins the caption contest: “A campaign aide to Martha Coakley has just shoved reporter John McCormack to the ground. Coakley sees it and . . . keeps walking.

Yes, the woman in the picture is Massachusetts AG, Martha Coakley, current Democratic candidate for the Senate seat vacated by the recently departed Edward Kennedy. “The People’s Seat.” The man doing the shoving is Michael Meehan, Obama apointee, sent by the panicked DNCC to “assist” her campaign with “messaging.” Heh. “Messaging.” Right. That’s quite a message, sport. While Meehan has since apologized, the damage is done. Coakley claimed to being “stalked,” but where is the evidence? Why did she consider a reporter a stalker? A reporter who wanted to ask legitimate questions about the lobbyist contributions to her campaign that very evening?

She is a candidate so tone-deaf, she even disses Fenway. A candidate so clueless she believes there are no more terrorists in Afghanistan.

Perhaps, like all sycophant underlings, she thinks that emulating The Boss will win her brownie points when she hits the Beltway and is assimilated.

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