From The “Too Good to Check” Department

Vegetables used in the White House Iron Chef propaganda shoot (Thanks for ruining another show for me, Big O) were “replaced” by fresh, non-toxic “doubles.” From Big Journalism:

And there’s a great reason for that. The food in the White House garden has been deemed toxic. They knew this last year, so the whole scene of picking food from the White House garden was as fraudulent as President Obama’s promise to put the health-care debate on C-SPAN.

The problem stems from a previous administration’s having used sewage sludge for fertilizer. Which means it will never be certified organic. Before you commentators start typing up anti-Bush screeds, the previous administration was the Clintons. Yes, one vainglorious administration passed on their agricultural legacy to another. The irony is almost as funny as a Joe Biden gaffe.

It’s nice to see the Democrats continue to show America their talents for improving the land with their “wise policies.” Leadership by example, and all that.

Fake but accurate. Something the Obama’s excel in.

Looking back,
Shouldn’t those children be in haz-mat suits?
– She didn’t plan to reap this from the experience, did she?
– Boasting on using ingredients from the White House garden for the Big State Dinner (the same one with the gate crashers)?
– Maybe that’s why she wears those hideous belts…to hide the cramps and bloating from E. coli.


UPDATE: A “metaphor” for all things Obama.


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  1. Gorio said,

    January 18, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    I’m with you on this one. I would watch Iron Chef when ever the opportunity to get the remote out of my 5 year olds hands long enough to change the channel. But, since that over blown over advertized crock-o-fertilizer. I haven’t had one inkling to turn the channel at ICA time. I’ll tune in to Triple D or that tobacco voiced gray haired vixen Paula Dean. Those I will still tolerate until I find out Johnny Garlic’s in Roseville sux, or, Paula turns out to be a closet Liberal.

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