Dang, Where’s MY Promotion and Mulligans All ‘Round

Never mind some special election up in Massachusetts (see I can spell), the usually festive SEC football coach post-season merry-go-round is overshadowing small planets with it’s drama.

How does Lane Kiffin, midget loudmouth, after one lack-luster 7-6 year helming Tennessee (hey, that’s another long state name), merit the head coach position at USC? U. S. C.??? How, really? Dang it, I have a much better record than that, so I want my promotion, and I want it now.

Quote of the day (EDSBS):

Charles Barkley really did say on The NBA on TNT last night that Lane Kiffin must have pictures of famous people having sex with a monkey.

Those EDSBS boys, they always make me ruin my monitor. Maybe I should put them on some auto-billing system, like QVC.

[UPDATE: Bernie gets the second Quote o’the day on Kiffin:

But University of Tennessee and class are difficult to fit into the same sentence. I had to use a hammer myself just then. But a bucket full of hammers won’t fix the stupid up on Rocky Flop. Let them rant and rave about their coach leaving in the dark of night, trading the Rocky Mountain Oysters for the warm sea breezes. Let them stamp their feet and test the integrity of their suspenders.

A truckload of hammers ain’t gonna fix that much stupid. end UPDATE]

But back to politics… Speaking of funny, Obama is now going to head to Massachusetts (see I can spell better than a Democrat) to help out Martha Coakley’s tanking campaign. Oh goodie, the kiss of HopeNChange death! Gabriel at Ace’s:

By announcing that this election is a referendum on his policies, he’s made it possible for thousands of frustrated people in Massachusetts to absolve themselves of their mistake in November 2008. There are two groups of energized people in this race. Republicans are one, for obvious reasons. The second group are people who feel like they were misled by Candidate Obama in 2008. Obama just gave that group of people a do-over.

Let the mulligans begin!

UPDATE II: Curt Schilling responds to Coakley tarring him a “Yankees fan.” Truly this woman lives in an alternate universe. Sheesh!

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