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Happy Birthday Wolfie!

I would be remiss if I forgot that today is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthday! He was born 254 years ago, just two years before President James Monroe. The “Colonies” were just beginning to knit together into something that twenty years later would be a grand and glorious embodiment of liberty.

A little Dame Kiri (in what Salieri called “perfect absolution”) for the day…

Here is the scene from Amadeus…

F. Murray Abraham’s Salieri is such a study in bitterness. He’d made a great 2010 Democrat.

Erick Finally Said It

Erick Erickson finally said what I’ve been saying in private for the last year. Barack Obama didn’t spend his formative years in the US, learning the basic curriculum of American history. He was in a madrasah, far from America. He once said the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard was the Muslim call to prayer. Then he attended a famous university that is known for it’s America-bashing and elitist attitudes. His blood is not red, white and blue. He doesn’t understand America or Americans. He doesn’t understand why this country was founded – to live free, without the boot on tyranny on your neck. Whiffs of that very same tyranny now seep from his very fingertips. No wonder he doesn’t get the Tea Party movement. He never took third grade history or participated in the subsequent playground reenactment.

Erick, again:

Tonight [in Obama’s SOTU), it will be interesting to see how often he blames George Bush and how often he resorts to stale cliches the public is no longer buying. Obama, his teleprompter, and the rhetoric they deploy have become the butt of late night jokes. When Barack Obama loses Jon Stewart, he is in real trouble.

But there is a greater trouble for Barack Obama and one very few people are discussing. It is, however, the greatest threat to the Obama administration and is not easily reversed. If he cannot turn back from this threat rather soon, no successes with jobs, the economy, or anything else will save him.

The American people have a very American world view. The God of the Bible is real. Mom, the flag, apple pie, and American exceptionalism are the hallmarks of the American world view. A majority of American embrace this world view.

Voters want a guy in office who shares that world view.

But there is a growing sense among independents and even some Democrats that Barack Obama does not share that world view.

Voters were so intent on finding someone so 180 from G.W. Bush, the Anti-Bush if you will, that they allowed their rage to overwhelm their reason and they elected someone they did not know or even understand. No wonder even the Democrats are backing away.

Obama was not Bush and independents and Democrats could not imagine electing a guy who did not share their world view. Obama was “one of us,” so to speak. He had to be.

Except he is not. He never was. When voters begin to think and then realize that the President of the United States does not share the prototypical American world view, they will turn on the President.

It does not matter how well a person does in a job, people want to support those they view as their own. When Obama loses the connection with the voters because of his lack of a shared world view, a job well done will not matter.


I was not planning on watching tonight’s SOTU, but now I may, just to watch the chamber squirm under the weight of platitudes and empty promises.

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