Saturday Coolness and Random Helpful Things

It’s cold as the devil here. Damp, too. It’s the global warming, stupid.

The parade is still winding it’s way around, so here’s a welcome respite from the Volga Boatmen’s Song of partisan bickering.

If this is true, it explains a lot.

Fausta isn’t lost anymore.

Carol’s famous photoshops have their own home now. Yeah, I know I’m late. I’m always late.

Rush busts a move.

Take Five, live.

EverydayShouldBeSaturday has new digs. Can’t wait to see if the Fulmer Cup gets a makeover, too.

Speaking of college sports, Obama and his lackeys can’t leave anything alone.

She feels our pain, my hind-parts. Plus I’m tired of paying her bar tab.

One per senator.

That’s soooo middle-school.

Jimmie really wants one of these things. Grocery store tantrum in 3…2…1…

Little Miss Attila is hiring a ….spokespirate?

Get your own Monster Initials here (h/t AoSHQ)

Wait, you mean I can still play Dr. Mario?

And last, but not least, via Troglopundit, vintage StarWars action figures.


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