Stacy Went to Alabama and Didn’t Even Slow Down for His Belated Birthday Dinner

The Stacy has landed in Birmingham. He didn’t stop in his old home town despite the promise of a belated birthday dinner. He must be really focused to give up free food.

Hit his tip jar – he needs it.

Please, Mr. President, Shut Your Piehole

But first, let’s start off with Moe Lane, Rockin’ with the Founders:

And Moe again, on the Incredible, Changing WaPo Article. Seems the White House press corpse has been on the phone a lot, lately.

Obama’s budget (or lack thereof) is continuing to get a lot of modification in the LameStreamMedia. More “creative editing” than a Journalism 2035 term-paper. The Anchoress:

How about that? They quickly “remedied” the situation, and corrected the record, and they didn’t even mock the president and his team for complaining about erroneous stories, as they did to the last administration.

But what struck me was this line:

Our budget explicitly calls for permanently extending the Bush tax cuts for households making less than $250,000.

What? People who were not rich got Tax Cuts under Bush? I thought the Bush Tax Cuts were evil, and immoral, and they were only for the “top 1%” of earners in the country – his gift to his rich pals?

You mean there were Bush Tax Cuts that were not evil or immoral and that deserve to be extended? That they were, in fact, so respectable that the Obama administration even acknowledges them as “Bush” tax cuts and retains them?

This is the same White House that is also retaining most of Bush’s policies on terrorism and stuff, right?

The same predecessor Obama keeps blaming for everything?

Blame Bush. Blame Bush.
I am so tired of that song. Mary Sue calls it “Obama’s perpetual blame strategy.”

Obama has spent much of his first year in office calling attention to his inheritance. It is becoming increasingly tiresome for the President of Hope and Change to call attention to failures of the past instead of keeping his nose to the grindstone and delivering a brighter future. While he or Gibbs may occasionally acknowledge blame shouldn’t be a strategy, the President continually reverts to this point. Perhaps there should be a 12 step program for perpetual blamers, Obama would certainly qualify.

Obama’s appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast was abysmal. And a campaign speech. This account at FoxNews is astounding. Low points:

– Christ is nowhere to be found
– God and war
– Americans are terrible
– Dissing evangelicals

Ms. Cupp goes on to call out POTUS for the idiocy.

It’s time the president end this hooey, and give up on his obsessive need to equate belief and non-belief. They are apples and oranges, and every time he does this he sounds less like the scholar he’s supposed to be and more like a petulant child.

Evidently politicians everywhere think they can out-“no-class” The Won. Just following the narrative, folks. This is just plain weird. Carly Fiorina may have lots of dough to blow her campaign, but she obviously has no common sense. She wanted buzz; she got it. But it may backfire, like Martha Coakley’s baseball knowledge. I think she should apologize to the sheep.

From Carol, we now have a name for this befuddlement we feel when ambushed by vapid politicians – “chronic bafflement disorder.” Heh.

But never fear, there’s always good news to be found! Scott Brown was sworn in TODAY.

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