The Screaming Chickens Edition

One of the Super Bowl ads really stuck in my brain, even through this morning, wondering what subliminal messages it stirred.

Then, “Eureka!” What do the screaming chickens remind you of? How about Democrats? Liberals? “Progressives?” The media snobs?

Who hasn’t written something on their hand? A quick note, a phone number, last minute item needed from the market, something you wanted to remember for longer than five minutes? According to our betters, it’s very low class. The media’s collective head is exploding (queue the screaming chickens) over a few notes. Fausta points out:

By the way, Palin delivered a 45-minute speech. Those seven words were her “notes”.

She’s not even an elected official now.

The Commander in Chief of the United States has a teleprompter for every word and can’t even pronounce “corpsman” correctly. [Emphasis Admin]

Heh. I got your crib notes, right here…

Image by No Sheeples Here.

Elitist journalists, they hate everyone but who they see in the mirror. (h/t The Other McCain) Cut from the same cloth as the purveyors of histrionics over the Pam & Tim Tebow ad, they stomp, scream and smear who dare to disagree with their lofty opinions. My, don’t they look silly now? (Time for more screaming chickens)

That — that — was the ad that caused the pro-abortion crowd to go into a frenzy of censorship advocacy, character assassination, and mask-slipping demonization of mothers who dare choose life over death for their unborn children.

In one fell swoop, Focus on the Family and the Tebows exposed the real pro-abortion left to a larger audience than, perhaps, had ever seen them in their natural state: as abortion-loving autocrats who despised Choice almost as much as (infant) life itself — all without really having to do anything.


Scott Brown is sworn in and hell Washington freezes over. RFK Jr got it all wrong. At least there is a silver-lining – the federal government will be closed again tomorrow. Two days in a row where they haven’t been able to pick our pockets.

Out of all those czars Obama has appointed, isn’t there one for Fact-Checking The Speeches? Read this and be shocked, just shocked, that Obama had his facts wrong again.

And finally, John Murtha passed away today after developing complications from surgery. Prayers for his family are in order. He’s entitled to a military funeral as a Marine veteran, but after all he’s done to the Corps would it be a mockery? And true to form, just like with Teddy, he’s not even cold yet and the Democrats are using his death as propaganda for pushing their failing ObamaCare.

Screaming chickens. Scream, scream, scream, you crazy chickens. Change is coming.

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