Never Forget

(h/t Jill, The Pundette)

Several still photographs of the 9/11 WTC attacks taken by NYPD have been released. View them here.

Gerard remembers and reminds:

I was standing on the Brooklyn Heights Promanade, less than a mile away, when this happened. At times I think I’ll get over it, get beyond it, move on…. but I never do. And I pray I never will.

Anyone – public official or private citizen – who tries to convince you this sort of thing is over, is trying to get you and your loved ones killed. You need to get in their face and back them down.

Now It’s Palin in the Bunker

I can’t get enough of this clip…it keeps on giving and giving and giving (double-whammy hat-tips to Smitty).

“Audacity of dopes.”


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