FLOTUS Causes Musician’s Strike: News at Eleven

Harry Connick, Jr. no less. He of the deepest dimples and bluest eyes. Dreamiest dish on a stick.

Her fashion sense is bad enough to scorch entire planets; now she’s weighing in on musicians. Isn’t it bad enough her husband has tanked the economy? Leave the musicians alone! Caught Him With a Corndog laments:

I’m reading an article about Harry Connick Jr. performing and promoting ‘the powers of music’ at the White House with some elementary kids when I read this Mobacca nugget of wisdumb:

“These guys aren’t just playing music and earning money and performing, but they’re also community leaders, too,” Michelle Obama said.”

Red calls it the “C” word.

Can I just say it? I can not stand Michelle Obama. Worst First Lady evah. I am thoroughly sick of the word ‘community’. If ever a word has worn out its welcome it’s this one. ‘Community service’, ‘community leader’, ‘community program’, ,’community coffee’, ‘community’ BLEAH. I’m over it. All I hear is ‘communism’, ‘socialist’, ‘higher taxes’, ‘affirmative action’, ‘entitlement programs’, etc. The word ‘community’ can be summed up in the sentiment, ‘Everybody’s a winner’. Gag me.


Musicians everywhere should be offended and boycott expense tennis shoes…oh wait, most musicians can’t afford expense tennis shoes. School music programs go without or are cut completely. Most of the symphonies across America are hurting or closing their doors thanks to the ruined economy. No auditions to fill empty chairs because there is no money to pay the salaries. Without patrons, contributions, even an audience for concerts, their music will die.

Way to go Mr. & Mrs. Obama. If everything is about community, community, community, why do you twist everything to being about you?

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