God Has a Sense of Humor Because He’s Laughing at Al Gore

Let’s see. It has snowed 5 (FIVE, count ’em, FIVE) times on Metro Atlanta this winter. That’s more than the last ten years combined.

It’s the global warming, stupid.

Al Gore (a favorite ’round here, see this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this) hood-winked the world. If he had any decency, he would return his Nobel Prize. Wanna lay bets?

Jill alliterates on Gore’s Full Bore.

Scientists hid data that didn’t support their politicized agenda. In fact, the science is so settled, I can’t wait until this summer’s hurricane season. With this track record, what could go wrong?

Speaking of winter, Obama jinxed the US Men’s Hockey final. Is there a statistician in the house? Can someone explain to The Won that his endorsements are the kiss of death? This joke from today’s mail-bag is too funny:

Startling news out of Vancouver! International Olympic Committee judges have retracted gold medal which he won today for the US team in the downhill slalom.

Instead, they gave the medal to Barack Obama, correctly pointing out that Obama is going downhill much faster than .

Frank Rich thinks he’ll get a medal, too, just for being the Presidential water-boy.
That’s an athletic contest, right? These people just slay me…

UPDATE: The Anchoress says the press deserves its Darwin Award over Global Warming,

The press went “all in” on Global Warming hysteria specifically to give Al Gore an international platform that would act as both a “consolation prize” for his “stolen” presidency and a means of constant rebuke to President George W. Bush. Global Warming was a surfboard of hate the “global left community” could all ride together, and if the wave broke in favor of the accumulation of entrenched and far-reaching powers, internationally, all the better. [Emphasis – Admin]

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