Friday Catch-Up

Not ketchup. Or catsup. Or catchup. Whatever.

Starting off, our FLOTUS is the picture of grace and a perfect representation of a gracious American woman. Every American’s heart just swells with pride at her uncanny ability to … uhhh … ummm.

Alrighty, then.

Potluck is off to a roaring start. Even got an Instalanche the first week! The ladies there are a force to be reckoned with. Two big whopper hat-tips to check out: Obama appoints an ‘undecided’ representative’s brother to the bench (oops – wait – does that look like a bribe?) and Obamacare’s hidden ‘pain-management’ strategy. Ouch.

FYI – Michelle Bachmann was on Hannity this afternoon. Definitely worth a listen. She used the ‘S’ word several times, emphatically, about a certain someone.

You knew the media would label this fella a right-wing nutcase. It’s part of the script, stupid…

Dan Riehl is really mad. I mean really mad. So mad, in fact, The Anchoress is a tad worried about him as well as Instapundit. Both are wondering if he is an outlier of American sentiment at the moment. I think not – he very succinctly told Obama, Congress and the world at large that he’s MadAsHellAndHe’sNotGonnaTakeIt Anymore! Right on the money, baby:

…been characterized as an angry post. Oh, you bet. Judging from my referral counts, it is one of, if not my most broadly read and linked and commented upon posts in almost six years. I believe that’s because I simply let loose, channeling an anger a great many Americans are feeling right now.

…the House, where the real action must take place, seems to be continuing to bleed votes for Pelosi and company. As I said in an email group last night, Obama doesn’t really need reconciliation to get his prized but despisedhealth care bill. He would sign the Senate bill if it passes the House in a heart beat and burn his own House down. My suggestion is to make sure every potential yes vote for his disastrous bill knows that We the People will do everything within our power to fan those flames come November.

No scandal, or even alleged scandal will go unearthed. No expense, or fundraising report will go without being reviewed with a fine tooth comb. Every trip, every relative or family member who ever boarded a plane on a government junket of some sort will see their name in print. Every romantic dalliance, or one night stand will be blog and eventually media fodder before this Army of Davids is through. That is the war I am talking about. If Obama wants to take a match to his House, rest assured, the American people and the GOP will invest every dollar, every ounce of energy and moment of time required to see that it burns to the ground.

So, go on, Democrats. Light it up! We the people won’t even stop long enough to relieve ourselves on your burning majority, so busy will we be burning down your House. And it will be a decade, or perhaps two, before you earn enough trust back from the American people to ever be given political control over us again. (Spit) Wet yourselves in that. It’s the only water you’ll get from us for some time. Hell, yes, we’re angry. What we are not, is stupid. We’re just waitng to find out just how stupidly drunk with power you and your dear leader might happen to be. Burn it down. It’s your House, for now. So much for your fear of global warming, I guess. Idiots! Bring it on![Emphasis Admin]

Ahem. I met Dan Riehl at CPAC this year, in the coffee shop in front of the drink cooler, with Stacy in tow. He seemed a level-headed, temperate sort of fellow. But I know how he feels. I’m watching my retirement evaporate. Forget the equity in the house; it tanked last year. My college grad can’t find a job. My youngest is accepted at the college of his choice – but can we swing it in this economy? Yeah, I feel his rage, too. We all do. Scott Brown is just the beginning.

Pure and simple, America feels betrayed by those elected to represent us.

It’s quite telling when a WH advisor likens the vote (and I use that term loosely) on Health Care Reform as This is the last helicopter out of Saigon.”

Mark Mardell, North American editor of the BBC, was watching and he blogged in response: “Fleeing a lost war is not the most optimistic metaphor for an adviser to adopt. And it still may go down in flames.”

But could Mardell have misunderstood the analogy? Maybe the point of comparison is that the fall of Saigon was a communist takeover. [Emphasis Admin, gee there’s a lot of that today]

Yep. Socialized medicine is just the beginning.

Obama wants to be everywhere, all the time. VDH calls it ‘Obama Fatigue.’ How long before he shows up for Senior Night at Stegman Colesium?

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