You Can Smell the Desperation

With only days left before the Big Vote, the Democrats are unraveling. Obama is traveling the country, yammering his usual yammer. Rahm is accosting ‘No’ voters in the showers. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I you look past the cracks, you see a party in chaos. The boys at HillBuzz weigh in

…a Democrat Civil War is indeed raging. The Ft. Sumter event was ramming through the unconstitutional Healthcare Rationing bill through the Senate on Christmas Eve. Some day, when we write a book on the Democrat Civi War of 2008-2012, aka “How the Golden Age of Hope and Changed Destroyed the Democrat Party Completely”, we believe we’ll see that as the seminal event that let all Hell break loose. It’s what emboldened us to actively campaign for Scott Brown in Massachusetts to make him Senator Hottie McAwesome, and it revealed all Democrats in the Senate to be unworthy of holding office. Every last one of them. Because no “moderates” voted against that abomination, they proved no “moderates” really exist in the current Liberal Socialist Democrat party.

Despite what the MSM says, they don’t have the votes. You can smell the desperation. This week will be brutal.

If you believe the story behind the Eric Massa resignation, the rough stuff has already started. Rescinding his resignation will put his ‘No’ vote back in play. We can only hope!

But there are darker forces afoot. The smoothness of the lies and the liars telling the lies is astounding.

Am I actually suggesting that at this point The Pelosi and The President are -knowingly or unknowingly, actively or passively, take your pick- serving a culture of death and darkness? Yeah. I guess I am. I’ve never seen more comfortable liars than these, and their faithful enablers in the press.

Melt the phones. And pray for America.

In 1945 the AMA launched the most expensive lobbying effort to date to battle a drive for national health insurance. This week the stakes are much higher.

“Would socialized medicine lead to socialization of other phases of life? [Vladimir] Lenin thought so. He declared socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.

P.S. Remember I said, “If you believe the story behind the Eric Massa resignation…” Well, Michelle saw right through it.

Obama’s Health Care “Rally” in Philadelphia

Mary Sue of RubySlippers and her daughter good friend, Kelly, attended the Obama Health Care “Rally” today in Philadelphia. Some tidbits:

“I got some great shots of the SEIU people lining the first three rows on the floor beneath the podium.”

…1200 of the 1700 tickets for the event were given out by the White House. That left 500 or so for the school and the community.

The audience had a fair share of people who were not in favor of the plan but as they spoke out they were drummed out by noise. There were a few rather large people with booming voices who seemed to be there specifically to be the Greek Chorus.

I was impressed with how smoothly the event went but overall felt it was much more staged than I had even anticipated.

An Obama event staged? Really? I’m shocked, just shocked!

Be sure to read the whole thing and see all the pictures!

Krauthammer for President?

I think it’s a great idea. Swiped this graphic from The Other McCain:

You can actually buy one of the t-shirts here.

But Stacy, I must admit, I beat you to this sentiment by almost 2 weeks. It must be worth something.

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