Notes on Neal Boortz – Defending the American Dream Summit

Pardon the format; these are my notes from the Defending the American Dream Summit.


Required reading – The Law by Frederic Bastiat.

In 1994, conservatives sounded the first warnings of the dangers of the House/Senate/White House being controlled by the same party.

Democrats are already saying that if GOP wins, you’ll lose your healthcare.

The WSJ article that shocked, shocked the Democrats. Neal called it “the Law of Unintended Circumstances.” Law requires large corporations to immediately report to the SEC any change or condition that effects their financial health. $100M Catepillar, $1B ATT, etc. all due to the “financial market change” anticipated by ObamaCare. $14B potential lost profits this year ALONE.

Waxman is mad at these companies and their CEO’s that they dare differ with the imperial economic decree and must make an appearance in front of Waxman’s committees (more show trials) to EXPLAIN why their judgement on ObamaCare is different than theirs.

On the National Debt’s cost to us, the American people:
– On Obama’s first day of office: $56K per household
– today: $72K per household
– projected 2011 budget: $170K per household

To keep ObamaCare on the books, they have to demonize those who are opposed to it.

The Obama Zombies book has piqued his interest.

Liberals don’t want to have a conversation with any conservative on the HCR bill because they don’t want to explain why
– Pelosi, other officials are exempt?
– how to pay for it?
– they voted for it?
– guaranteed issue for everyone?
– weren’t other options considered?
– they believe the ‘mandate’ is constitutional?

They are emboldened now, and will push their agenda aggressively. Things on the way (yes, it gets worse):
– Cap and Trade (already passed by House)
– Pension Plan grab (“Request for Comments” is already out).
– Massive National Debt

Obama’s own words – “the private sector is the enemy.”

He is working on a project where he is rewriting The Federalist Papers in modern-day language. The Revolutionary War was always a minority undertaking.

Are there Americans today willing to make the same sacrifices to reclaim our economic liberty as the patriots who marched through the snow, shoeless, between NY and Philadelphia to fight for independence?

The answer – VOTE THEM OUT.

Give them the finger – the finger that will push the button on the voting machine in November!

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  1. March 29, 2010 at 11:31 am

    […] Back in the big hall, Neal Boortz was his usual snarky and wildly entertaining self. More on his talk later as well. [UPDATE: Notes here.] […]


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