Quote of the Day

There is Great Britain. The him is Andrew Sullivan. The quote is classic Carol, of No Sheeples Here.

Perhaps surgeons there can give him the uterus he so desperately craves.

The Schnoz Is Vulnerable

Breaking news from Smitty: there are 5 (count ’em, FIVE) opponents lining up against Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA30).

Dancing in the streets may commence.

Be Careful Liberals – Conservatives Are Everywhere!

You never know where we’ll crop up. WinkWinkNodNod

On our little beach jaunt for Spring Break we ran into Marilyn Gallop, proprietress of Sea Jade, on Centre Street in Fernandina Beach, Florida (here’s hoping she has a website soon!). Walking by, it looks like every quaint shell shop in every beach town in America. Then you see this,

Step inside and you meet a patriot, complete with a Gadsden flag behind the register! She said she’d been surprised at the number of people who seconded the patriotic sentiments on her chalkboard. There had only been a couple of liberals willing to show their face in the shop; they didn’t stay long. Like the rest of us, she’s mad, she feels betrayed and she’s searching for ways to make her voice heard. We talked about blogging and Tea Parties and how we both looked forward to kicking the rascals out in November.

The next time you’re down Florida way, stop by the Sea Jade shop and tell a Great American that Obi’s Sister said “Hi!”

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