A Bit of Rest

Heading out for a bit of of much needed rest, and the place we’re bound for has no internet! Talk amongst yourselves until I get back.

Quote of the Day

From Michelle Malkin:

Once is an oddity. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a condition.

Read the whole thing. It’s curious, that … well, just read it.

And There Was Great Rejoicing

We are now officially done with the Georgia Public School System. Huzzah.

See ya! Wouldn't want to be ya!

Let the wild rumpus start!

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Quote of the Day

For Once I Agree With Jerry Springer

When liberals put down Sarah Palin it makes them look like snobs. Yes, out of the mouth of The Springmeister himself:

“Well, she’s incredibly charismatic. Her politics are different than mine. But I don’t belittle her. She represents a significant segment of America.

It might not be the majority, but certainly a significant segment of America that lives her lifestyle and believes as she does. And therefore, I can disagree with her without making fun of her. And for those of us who are more liberal, we step on dangerous ground when we try to belittle her, or belittle her fundamentalism, or religion or stuff like that, saying you know she is backwoods or stuff like that. That is how liberals come across as elitists or snobs.”


Graduation, T – 1 and Counting

Less than 24 hours to go. So far, we’ve covered cars, sweets and soccer. It’s hard to nail down the last one. He’s turned out to be a fine young man, with a bright mind. He’s going to major in history. One step at a time.

He always loved stories about heroes. The books we’d read at bedtime were about brave boys, sometimes with sharp swords, who rescued friends and protected grandmothers. He’d request special stories to be made up on the spot about him, slaying dragons, fighting tigers, flying jets, always with the coolest weapons, ready to save the day.

He has soft spot for senior citizens, which is unusual for his age group. When he was a wee fella, my husband’s grandmother was still living, so he had a great-grandmother. She fell (horribly) in front of him at a very young age (around 4 years old, I think) and eventually died of complications from her injuries. He told me then that if he’d been bigger he could have saved her. He’s brought it up several times, just in conversation. It usually takes me by surprise and I have to excuse myself for a while for a quick cry. The last time was just a few years ago. It’s touching in that he already understands that being a hero sometimes involves tenderness and sacrifice.

I’m hanging in there, but it’s getting harder to keep it together.

A Stranger Among Us

Gerard of American Digest, to whose level of writing we all aspire, has outdone himself yet again with a thoughtful piece on the current occupant at the 1600 Club.

Just a few snippets, you must click over, read the whole thing and see the picture.

Conspiracy abhors a vacuum and we’ve had more than our share of theories, speculations, dire warnings, and dark murmurings about a leader’s life that is, in many ways, less documented than the undocumented Democrats oozing across our southern borders.

We sense, dimly at first, but with increasing conviction that he does not mean us well and that he is controlled by some strange amalgam of interior compulsions. The hallmarks of his administration’s actions and his speeches seem to be to do many small but insidious things in deep background, a few large and destructive moves in the foreground, give as few details as possible, take no questions, and, if a question is taken, to give no answer. It is an administration that sees no foreign enemies, only domestic ones. Theories about his history and his current character and motives abound as facts fade.

At this point, trying to understand who or what Obama was is like peeling an onion. You unwrap layer after layer and when you reach the core you have nothing; you have the Oakland of American politicians, a man who has no there there.

Talk amongst yourselves.

Robert Stacy McCain Must Have Watched NCIS Last Night

Because Gibbs added a new rule (#51).

And so did Stacy. Rule 6. Enjoy the thrashing and as always, obey the rules.

P.S. Bob of the Belvedere had a Python moment over the new Rule.

Angels Say The Darnedest Things

Art Linkletter died yesterday at the ripe age of 97.

What a life. A poor orphan, he became one of America’s most beloved personalities. He was married to his wife, Lois, for 75 years. He is survived by two daughters, seven grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. A daughter and two sons preceded him in death.

He believed humor was best when unscripted.

His greatest legacy was the concept of allowing children to provide the spontaneous humor for a show, instead of professional entertainers with memorized lines.

On his daytime TV variety program “House Party,” which aired from 1952 to 1970, Mr. Linkletter asked children simple questions. He asked one boy: “What do your parents do for fun?”

“I don’t know,” the boy replied. “They always lock the door.”

In all, Mr. Linkletter interviewed more than 27,000 children, and the segment was later reprised in 1998 as a full-length show on CBS hosted by Bill Cosby called “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” Looking back, Mr. Linkletter said he wanted kids to just be kids but in doing so unintentionally “invented reality TV.”

We had a copy of his book, Kids Say The Darnedest Things, in my childhood home. I’d practice my reading with him. And laugh.

A classic:

He asked one girl: “What do you think would make a perfect husband, Karen?”

“A man that provides a lot of money, loves horses, and will let you have 22 kids and doesn’t put up a fight,” Karen said.

“And what do you think you’ll be when you grow up?”

“A nun.”

After a long, full life, he went to this reward.

Linkletter died at his home in the Bel-Air section of Los Angeles, said his son-in-law, Art Hershey, the husband of Sharon Linkletter.

“He lived a long, full, pure life, and the Lord had need for him,” Hershey said.

Indeed. There is a special place in heaven for those who love the laughter of children. Rest well, old friend.

UPDATE: A sweet tribute from Deacon Greg (h/t The Anchoress).

UPDATE II: Linked by The Anchoress!

Graduation, T – 2 and Counting

While you’ve learned about his love of chocolate and futbol, the way to my grad’s heart of hearts would be to hand him the keys to Eleanor.

But only after MOM took her for a spin, or say to the state line and back.

Graduation, T – 3 and Counting

Previously, we celebrated the graduate candidate’s love of the beautiful game.

Today we examine his infatuation of the only and only food group worth bothering with. Having the metabolism of a cheetah helps.

He embarrassed himself with that last one at a wedding once…

Yes, Sometimes History Is Offensive. Get Over It.

Yes, sometimes history is offensive. Gut-wrenching. Nauseating. But these sometimes horrific events must be examined and taught, the contributing factors analyzed, not only in that era’s context but with the wisdom that comes from hindsight. How do you expect future generations to avoid the same mistakes if they don’t understand the underlying principles?

Award winning AP History teacher in hot water for teaching about … racial hatred. It’s not what she taught, but how she taught it. Remember, in this day and age, delivery is everything and bound to offend someone.

Catherine Ariemma never intended for students to be offended by the sight of four Ku Klux Klansmen at Lumpkin County High School.

But that’s how senior Cody Rider said he felt last Thursday when he looked up and saw the students — dressed in white hoods and sheets — walking through the school cafeteria.

[…] Ariemma, a six-year veteran with the Lumpkin County school system, said the students, who were working on a film project for her advanced placement U.S. history class, meant no harm.

She admitted that she may have made a mistake by letting the students film the Klan reenactment on campus.

“I feel terrible that I have students who feel threatened because of something from my class,” Ariemma told the AJC. “In hindsight, I wouldn’t have had them film that part at school.”

But the damage was done.

A report went to school officials, after parents of black students learned what had happened and called the district.

Ariemma was placed on paid suspension, and activist the Rev. Markel Hutchins was called to the town 50 miles north of Atlanta to help quell what seemed to be growing frustration among Dahlonega’s small African American community.

[…] “This project was about racism in U.S. history,” Ariemma said. “Not just racism against African Americans, but racism as a whole.”

She said including the Ku Klux Klan was an essential piece.

“You cannot discuss racism without discussing the Klan,” she said. “To do so would be to condone their actions.”

With this heady mix, what could go wrong? A fine teacher will probably lose her job and the race pirates win again. Everybody loses.

Through personal experience, I know that AP students are encouraged to stretch themselves academically and are challenged to levels of critical thinking not usually achieved by a normal high school student. Again, how can our children avoid the mistakes of the past if they are prohibited from learning by paranoid administrators and race-baiting politics?

Graduation, T – 4 and Counting

In honor of my baby’s impending graduation, here’s a little secret you may not have garnered from my posts about him.

He loves soccer. He eats, sleeps, drinks and breathes soccer. He’s played on little feet and club and varsity and indoor and 5v5 teams. He plays soccer video games. He referees soccer. He probably dreams about soccer. He’s played soccer since he could practically walk and hopes to play in college. He loves soccer.

So for my boy, here’s a peep of the World Cup craziness that will reign his life (and our house) in June.

(Gleefully swiped from Trog, who called Ronaldo ‘…the guy at the end…’ Oh, the sacrilege…)

Replace Them with What?

So asked Admiral Thad Allen, Coast Guard Commandant, when asked about the government slow response and possibly replacing the BP team.

Red Adair and Coots Matthews (of Boots & Coots) are gone to fight blow-outs in the sky – what we need is a good Hellfighter. Too bad The Duke is gone as well. Where are the real men?

Governor Bobby Jindal seems to finally be growing a pair, albeit slowly. Allahpundit wonders,

Well, look on the bright side: If nothing else good comes from this disaster, at least now we have a roughly quantifiable sense of how long it takes for media outrage to build towards Obama versus towards Bush. Figure Dubya would have been under fire for dragging his feet on the spill after, what — maybe three days? It’s now 34 days since BP’s rig exploded and only yesterday did frustration really start bubbling on the Sunday chat shows.

And what does Feckless Leader do? He goes golfing

70% of Americans believe Congress doesn’t know what it’s doing. Case in point: now they want to tax current oil revenues to “finance” clean up of future oil spills that they won’t know how to handle, either.

Only a sick and twisted political mind could come up with that one.


(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Heh. Obama. Wall Street. Rat. What a metaphor.

Fausta and Carol and Jill see the irony.

Sister Toldjah is having a caption contest. Knock yourself out.

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