HillBuzz Strikes Again, Phyllis Can Take of Herself and a Switcheroo

The adorable boys over at HillBuzz have struck again – this time with their Class vs. Crass series.

They, too, have picked up on “the Prez is such an awesome stud-muffin” meme as well. I’ve always said, if you’ve got to go out of your way to convince people about certain somthings, you’re over-compensating for something else.

The current president is as heterosexual as Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

…Why does the White House feel the need to put out stories about the president being a randy stud — who loves women?

It’s a giant mystery.

The only thing we can think of is that David Axelrod is trying to put the image of a virile, womanizing Obama out there ahead of a himbo eruption …

Maybe that’s why he nominates someone for SCOTUS that he can look macho standing beside in the Rose Garden. There ya go!

Comedy gold…

Phyllis Chester is being attacked by Rachel Tabachnick (who?) on Forward (what?). Stacy’s done the heavy-lifting on this one:

Chesler further suggests that the Forward’s aim in publishing Mrs. Tabachnick is to “rile your audience up against right wing Christians so they will forget all about Islamist hatred of infidels.”

Smoke and mirrors; straight out of the Alinsky handbook. I’ll put my money on Phyllis.

Tom Price has changed his endorsement in the Georgia governor’s race to Karen Handel. Previously, he’d endorsed Capitol buddy, Nathan Deal, who lost a bit of his luster, so to speak.

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