I Know Why

Jupiter loses one of its red belts and scientists are baffled.

I know exactly why. The Jupiterians had an election and a Democrat won. So the red belt turned into a blue belt, which shows as a clearish-white color on astronomical cameras.

It is not the first time this unusual phenomenon has been noticed. Jupiter loses or regains one of its belts every ten of 15 years, although exactly why this happens is a mystery.

A mystery…yes…

‘The question now is when will the South Equatorial belt erupt back into activity and reappear?’ Mr [Anthony] Wesley said.

The pattern for this happening is when a brilliant white spot forms in the southern zone. Gradually it will start to spout dark blobs of material which will be stretched by Jupiter’s fierce winds into a new belt, and the planet will return to its familiar ‘tyre track’ appearance.

Ah, a brilliant white spot. That would be a nation enraged to the point of kicking out the scoundrels that messed up the belt in the first place.

See, young padawan, there is a lesson in everything.

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