Quotes of the Day

I. Cassy Fiano in the Green Room:

It’s always someone else’s fault. It’s never Obama’s fault, or the administration’s fault. It’s because of George Bush, or Congress, or the ignorant hick Tea Partiers — anyone except themselves.

New York is the number one terror target, and our clueless president is cutting anti-terror funding. If you need the definition of an amateur who doesn’t care about protecting the lives of Americans, look up Obama’s name in the dictionary.

Ka-blam! Check out Cassy’s blog here.

II. Smitty weighs in on the dismantling of traditions, especially those that bond military brothers. What happens if the Herndon goes the way of trans-fat in a NYC deli?

Members of the first class to omit this event will make Rodney Dangerfield look like George Washington.

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